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Karrin Murphy, Chicago PD (SI)

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Name:Karrin Murphy
Birthdate:Apr 2
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Website:Dresdenverse Timeline
This is the journal of Karrin Murphy, Special Investigations at the Chicago Police Department.

Karrin is the oldest child of Collin and Marion Murphy, and she is 27 years old at the time of Storm Front. She has at least two younger brothers and at least one younger sister, introduced in Blood Rites. In the same book, Harry Dresden learns that before his suicide when Karrin was 11, Collin Murphy was a senior detective in the Chicago PD and a "black cat" investigator, covering the same territory as the modern-day S.I. department.

Murphy has been married and divorced twice, the first time at age 17 to Gregory Taggart, who is some thirteen years her senior. He leaves her, and all subsequent attempts at conversation end in a fight. She later marries Richard Boughton. They also divorce, when Murphy translates Rick's desire to start a family as an effort to keep her at home, away from her job. Some time between Blood Rites and Proven Guilty, Richard gets remarried to Murphy's youngest sibling, Lisa, who is about 11 years her junior.

After the events of Proven Guilty, Murphy is demoted from Lieutenant to Sergeant and replaced by co-worker Detective Sergeant John Stallings as head of the SI. This is a major blow to Murphy, but due to Stallings' respect for Dresden it has not significantly impacted events in the series thus far.


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